Palm Beach County Courthouse

Palm Beach County Courthouse

Location: West Palm Beach
Architect: REG Architects
Size: 40,000 SF

Restoring Memories Into Monuments

2008 Florida East Coast Chapter AGC Build Florida Award of Excellence, Unique Career Achievement

2008 Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, Florida Preservation Award

Historic Restoration of the 1916 Palm Beach County Courthouse including demolition and removal of past additions to the original structure.

Exterior Restoration:

Demolition and removal of exterior additions from 1970, 1955 and 1927
Structural Restoration of East Elevation support columns and beams above current building codes
Restoration of deteriorated interior concrete columns
Repair and Restore 76 original wood windows and hardware
Installation of 37-impact wood windows at East Elevation made to match the original restored windows to meet current codes
Extensive waterproofing behind restoration areas of brick/stone
Locate and Install custom made brick @ North, South and West Elevations
Re-create North, South and West granite and limestone porticos from photographs
Locate, restore & install twelve limestone columns each weighing 30,600 pounds
Re-create the limestone Eagle Crest @ West elevation


1916 Courtroom Restoration:

Salvage and Restoration of 1916 wood flooring
Restoration of plaster ceiling and plaster moldings
Salvage and Restoration of 1916 doors and door hardware
Salvage and Restoration of original wood windows and hardware
Re-creation of all courtroom millwork such as – Judges Bench, Jury Box, Pews, Picture and Chair Moldings and Bar rail
Install modern technologies, concealed within the historical finishes to only be visible when in use

Historic Corridors and Staircases:

Salvage, Repair and Protect hidden mosaic flooring
Replace missing Marble Wainscot which was salvaged throughout the building
Match and install missing Marble Wainscot
Restoration of plaster ceilings, walls and moldings in corridors and stairwells
Update Fire/Life Safety codes while maintaining historically appropriate aesthetics
Recreate historic grand staircases with concrete, marble & custom ornamental railings


Materials Salvaged, Restored and Recycled:

Wood Doors, Windows and Hardware
Wood Flooring
Mosaic Flooring
Marble Wainscot
Limestone Columns